The Europe Institute for Social and Health Research (former Europe Institute for Social Work) is an affiliated institute at the Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin. Our motto is >Intercultural networking<. We bring together students, practitioners and lecturers & professors of social work to discuss socio-political issues, social work problems and educational and social policy strategies and to develop European and international projects.


The focal points of our work are:

  •  Since 1996 we are running our annual International Summer School 
  • We are offering evaluation and scientific support for social action projects 
  • We run research projects, especially in the fields of democracy development and prevention against right-wing extremism 
  • We are supporting the fight against human trafficking: building and supporting European and international networks against and trafficking and forced labour. Promotion of public awareness on this topic
  • We are organizing interdisciplinary and participatory seminars in the fields of education, social work, Europe, interculturality, economic and social policy 
  • We are offering the development and realization of cultural events, e.g. exhibitions, film screenings etc. 

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